April 27, 2015

Review Coming Soon... White Cutout Jumpsuit...

So I am super excited for this baby to arrive!  I have tickets to Kevin Hart, this Friday Night, May 1st and thought to myself, "What better Outfit, than a Jumpsuit!".  Honestly, I didn't have the strength to put that much into planning an outfit - so pulling straight from my style book, when in doubt choose a dress (or in this case a jumpsuit!).

Now I'm aware jumpsuits can be a tricky thing and its all about the fit!  I'm feeling a bit ballsy since I've been fanatically attending this Zumba class in prep for my wedding in September.  (Side note: This is also the reason why you'll see me in a lot of White this year - I guess a nod to being a bride)

So anywho, like I said, as of right now this is what I'm PLANNING on wearing (we'll see if this Zumba has paid off enough) if not, It will be a quick and easy black dress -that's always a classic.  If this turns into a disaster, I still promise to post and review...

Until then...

Keep All Things Stylish,
Crystal Nichole

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